Shadows Over Yavin - EVENT REPORT

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It is done, Shadows Over Yavin is over. There were 66 combat operations throughout the day, spread out over the 8 different missions and the 2 large battles.

When the Death Star was sighted over Yavin 4 at 11am in the morning Rebel squadrons were dispatched to attack an exhaust port hidden in a trench on the surface of the station.




Eventually after destroying the six power nodes which were sustaining the shields around the exhaust port a brave pilot took the shot that started the chain reaction which destroyed the station at 3.28pm. Sadly not in time to save the four planets that the station destroyed in its pursuit of the secret Rebel forward operating base.

When the Rebel fleets location became known in the afternoon

Imperial ships were dispatched to intercept and destroy the crippled fleet before they could repair their hyperdrives and escape into hyper space.

During the next 3 hours the fleet received multiple bombardments from the Imperial forces, though several Tie fighters were taken down by the fleet guns, much to the celebration of the rebel forces.

Once the repairs were made the fleet jumped or what was left of the fleet, the Corvette and a single Transports, the rest succumbing to Imperial fire.

The printers were running for most of the day, churning out over 11 meters worth of updates each, from rules, special missions and fleet bonus's.

The Rebel admiral earned the rank of Jedi Master and his skill in battle meditation gave all of his squadron leaders a bonus in all of their games. Later in the day the Imperial admiral gave into the dark side becoming a Dark lord of the Sith and using his influence to assist his pilots. Of the five special missions that were revealed during the day both sides completed four, gaining three additional hero units and allowing their forces to utilise their B lists in operations.

At the end of the campaign we reviewed the Galaxy and saw that the Rebels had control of 18 planets and 13 planets under Imperial rule. When we totalled up the credits possessed by the Admirals the Imperials had 614 credits and the rebels had 629. When it came to the squadron leaders, the overall winner was Sabre Squadron with Rogue Squadron coming in second. Sabre took the BNIB Ghost expansion and Rogue got to pick a small ship of their choice. The next top three pilots from each faction received movement templates and the Rebel admiral received the Poe Xwing. We had three special prizes, Mu squadron had the lowest score of the day and got a Luke Skywalker angry bird, the Imperial admiral received a Princess Leia angry bird and after a vote by all the players, Shadow squadron was voted the most sporting playing and received an alternative art Poe card. Everyone walked away with a lego first order tie fighter and any player who won a mission were given a set of acrylic tokens. All prizes were supplied by Incom Gaming.

Thank you to all the players who took part, I witnessed some great sportsmanship and the sounds of players really getting into the games an enjoying themselves, especially around the bigger battles. A big Thank you to Nick and all the boys at Incom gaming for hosting us, we look forward to many more interesting gaming events. My personal thanks goes to Rob who helped run the event

So a Rebel Faction victory in the end.....sorry about the planets

Report written by Mark Searle.

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