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Table rates for casual gaming at INCOM GAMING CENTRE

From 1st January 2019 Session prices

  • Playing any Tabletop miniatures game £3 per person
  • Playing games from the Incom games library £3 per person*
  • Playing Shadespire & Bloodbowl £2 per person
  • Attending a Role-play session/campaign** £2 per person
  • First Thursday Boardgame Night, Free to play Board Games.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Casual gaming £4 (Includes free booster, players choice)

*Visit with the family on Monday, Friday or Saturday daytime and the kids get FREE squash whilst gaming.

**ROLE PLAY - Get 6 people together for a Role Play Session and the GM plays for FREE

Join our Play More, Same More (PMSM) scheme and earn a stamp for each time you play at Incom Gaming**. Fill your card with 10 stamps and get £5 discount on a £20 spend!

Any organised play event, please see event for prices and details.

A Session is defined a period of time that Incom Gaming is open in a single day.

Organised play sessions do not qualify for PMSM stamps unless stated in the event.

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