Saladin, Liaison Officer (Combi Rifle)

Al-Nāsir Salāh ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (1137 or 1138–1193). In Kurdish, سه‌لاحه‌دین ئه‌یوبی (Selaheddîn Eyûbî) and in Arabic, صلاح الدين يوسف الأيوبي. Al-Nāsir Salāh ad-Dīn is an honorary title, translatable...
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Al-Nāsir Salāh ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (1137 or 1138–1193). In Kurdish, سه‌لاحه‌دین ئه‌یوبی (Selaheddîn Eyûbî) and in Arabic, صلاح الدين يوسف الأيوبي. Al-Nāsir Salāh ad-Dīn is an honorary title, translatable as “The Victorious Unifier of the Faith” while his real name is Yusuf, son of Ayyub. He was a warrior and a Muslim military leader of Kurdish origin, as well as the most famous of all Islamic heroes. As founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, he unified the Near East politically and religiously, being Sultan of Egypt, Syria and Palestine, including the territories of Arabia, Yemen and Mesopotamia. His victories over the crusaders and the conquest of Jerusalem granted him a prominent place in the pages of history and he is recognized by Christians and Muslims alike for his skill in warfare and leadership, tempered by legendary chivalry and a merciful character.

The Recreation Project “Lion of the Desert” would be ALEPH’s wedge of insertion into Haqqislamite society. However, during the technical development phase, this project posed a double challenge: Saladin was not only a superior strategist, but a leader of men gifted with great personal charisma and a perfect sense of chivalry. This Recreation had to combine the strategic knowledge of Project “Advisor” (Recreation: Sun Tze) with the charisma of Project “Orleans Maiden” (Recreation: Jeanne d’Arc). To optimize and adapt him to contemporary situations, an improved neuronal net was implanted to allow access to complete knowledge of modern strategy, including detailed data on all the military units of the Sphere.

Unfortunately, after the failure of Project “Hakim” (Recreation: Avicenna) there seemed to be no possibility of developing a Recreation program to ease the integration of Haqqislam into ALEPH’s sphere of influence. For this reason, the AI froze the project. However, patience is a virtue typical of those not subject to the tyranny of time’s passage, such as Artificial Intelligences. Due to the conflict with alien forces on Paradiso, the usage of mixed formations comprised of units from different powers is more frequent every day. This is required by the constant pressure on strategic positions defended by international forces and the need to get reinforcements from wherever possible. Therefore, little by little, the need for officers who know how to coordinate the different allied forces has become necessary.

These officers are required to intimately know each unit and regiment involved in a fight, understanding all their capacities, strengths and weaknesses, so as to get the maximum performance from each one of them and avoid risking them in operations they are not really qualified for. To train these officers, the Bureau Aegis took inspiration from the famous Nomad Gestalt Officers, copying their strict and intensive instruction process. This Bureau Aegis liaison officers corps was the wedge ALEPH used to introduce one of its most ambitious Recreations.

Despite the objections directly presented by the Hassassin’s leader, the Old Man of the Mountain, to the Hachib, the Diwân al Jund(Ministerial War Office) recognized the need for the presence of a liaison officer able to understand the qualities as well as the needs of Haqqislamite units who act in partnership with other powers’ regiments. The circumstances of Paradiso are so precarious and the level of threat posed by the Combined Army is so serious, that exceptional measures are required, even if that means accepting what could be the Trojan horse of ALEPH amongst Haqqislamite ranks. Even the Hassassin sect has been forced to reluctantly accept this situation, but has imposed its own safety measures.

So far, Project “Lion of the Desert” has been a complete success. The heroism and leadership of Saladin brings new meaning to these desperate times. The glory and victories achieved under his command are a symbol for the unity and cooperation between the different rival powers and O-12.

Saladin is the brain and central reference of any command center, due to his excellent control of the flow of battle. He always knows how to make the best decisions, both in tactical maneuvers as well as in setting the rhythm of a combat. He never fails in his tactics and he knows how to steal an adversary’s initiative. His strategic capabilities have been proven beyond a doubt in the Paradiso theatre where the distrust of his nature and origin is possibly the worst obstacle he has to face on a daily basis. Nevertheless, an overwhelming, learned and refined personality has allowed him to gain the trust of all of those who surround him, be it the men under his command or the officers with whom he has to work. But never, absolutely never, from the Old Man of the Mountain, who has ordered a Hassassin operative group to be always next to the Recreation. This team monitors all his movements, actions and decisions, ever willing to eliminate him at the slightest suspicion of treason towards Haqqislam or its beliefs. Saladin, obviously, is completely aware of this constant menace, accepting it like everything in his life, with an elegant smile and a cunning sparkle in his eyes.

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