Star Wars: Unlimited SHADOWS OF THE GALAXY Draft (03/08/24)

Saturday 3rd August from 10am


£25.00 per person



About this experience

Star Wars: Unlimited - SHADOWS OF THE GALAXY draft time!


The true TCG experience is cracking a pack, picking a card, passing the rest on and building a crazy deck!


Why Play Draft?


No need to bring your own deck, since all deckbuilding happens on the spot


Every draft event is different, since the available cards will be random each time


All players in a draft event start on a level playing field:

  • Each player will receive 3x SHADOWS OF THE GALAXY booster packs with which they will build their deck.

There will be 60 minutes for drafting and deck building, followed by

  • 4x best of 3 Swiss rounds.

  • Event is capped at 24 players Split into pods of up 8 for drafting.

Entry £28 (Save £3 and book in advance)
• Play 4 x 55min best of 3 rounds.
• 1 SHADOWS OF THE GALAXY booster per win*
• Random player receives a SOFT CRATE.
• Receive a Weekly play booster after round 4

*Odd number of players, Bye earns a season 1 play booster per round


PLEASE go through the rules for drafting. We will go over them again on the day… BUT here they are….



Players will be placed into pods of up to 8 players
Each player opens three booster packs and takes out the leader cards, keeping the remaining cards of each pack in their separate stacks without looking at them.
Each player chooses one of their three leaders to keep and passes the other two to the right. Then, each player chooses one of the two leaders that was just passed to them and passes the other to the right. After this point, each player should have three leader cards; one that they started with, and two that were passed to them by other players.
Next, each player chooses one of the booster packs that they opened. The common base/token card from that pack is placed in a pile at the center of the table, and then each player chooses one card to keep from the pack before passing the other cards to the player on their left.
They then draft their next card from the cards they received from the player on their right.
This continues until all cards from the first booster pack have been drafted.
Then, the process repeats for the second booster pack, except this time players pass cards to the right.
After all the cards from the second booster pack have been drafted, the process is repeated one more time with the third pack, once again passing cards to the left.
At the end of this process, each player should have drafted 45 cards (three leaders and 42 other cards).
Players may now make adjustments to their decks, using the following rules:

Your deck must consist of exactly one leader, exactly one base, and a minimum 30-card draw deck. Each player can choose any of the common bases from the set, or they can use a rare base that they drafted from the packs.
Your draw deck can include any number of copies of the same card.
The winner of a draft play match is determined by best-of-three games.

Max participants 24

This is a Premier event and will follow the Star WarsTM: Unlimited Tournament Regulations.

Incom Gaming reserves the right to amend prizing without notice.



Incom Gaming is a Licensed venue, I.D. is required to purchase alcohol. Only snacks & beverages purchased* from Incom Gaming may be consumed on the premesis.

*Exceptions to our food & drinks policy are hot drinks from take out coffee outlets and beverages in paper cups included in meal deals from fast food outlets are allowed.

Refunds and transfers can ONLY be processed directly through us at Incom Gaming, please DO NOT buy anything through a third party as this will result in you turning up for an event without a space allocated.

Always message us directly, via Facebook, email, phone, and ask if there is any more tickets for release or a reserve list.