Age of Sigmar 4th Edition Play Day (03/08/24)

Come join other generals and explore the latest set of rules together


£10.00 per person



About this experience

Age of Sigmar 4th Edition is upon us!

Can you control the SKAVENTIDE....

After 3 weeks of frantically building new models and trying to make sense of all these new rules, your invited to join us on Saturday 3rd August from 9am for 3 SPEARHEAD games in the new 4th Edition.


This day is a more casual affair where you can put all the new rules into practice in a relaxed friendly environment. A place to clarify them rules and ask your peers how does all these thingies work.


Entry £10 per player.

We will have a team of experts on hand to help guide you through all your rules questions..


Each game will have 90mins with should be more than enough to bumble through all this upheaval..


SPEARHEAD army builder:


More details to follow.


Models do NOT have to be painted, but must be built and identifiable to the relevant information.

Full event details will be follow as we sit here and digest the news!

Incom Gaming is a Licensed venue, I.D. is required to purchase alcohol. Only snacks & beverages purchased* from Incom Gaming may be consumed on the premesis.

We offer a lunch option at day events, a freshly prepared Burrito made to order and a drink from the bar, details will be provded on the day.*Exceptions to our food & drinks policy are hot drinks from take out coffee outlets and beverages in paper cups included in meal deals from fast food outlets are allowed.

Refunds and transfers can ONLY be processed directly through us at Incom Gaming, please DO NOT buy anything through a third party as this will result in you turning up for an event without a space allocated.

Always message us directly, via Facebook, email, phone, and ask if there is any more tickets for release or a reserve list.