IBBL - Season 2 - (Blood Bowl O/P)
July to September 2017
Welcome to INCOM BLOOD BOWL LEAGUE Season 2 We are aiming for 100% enjoyment throughout the 3 months with a good dose...
28th July - 28th Aug
This summer at INCOM GAMING! BOLT ACTION - INVASION of BRITAIN A global campaign running from WARLORD GAMES. INCOM GAMING is your Regional...
X-WING - 3rd Quarter Tournament '17
Saturday 17th September - 10am
Charge up your lasers! Fly to win prizes from the Quarter 3rd Tournament Kit for X-Wing™!  3rd Quarter Tournament 2017 for Star Wars X-Wing...
Bolt Action - Summer Offensive
Sat 5th August 2017 - 9am
Welcome: This is the first of hopefully many Bolt Action events, and for our Summer Offensive, you will need a...
SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE - X-Wing narrative event.
Saturday 12th August @ 9am
If you enjoyed SHADOWS OVER YAVIN Your gonna love part 2, set in the Empire Stikes Back!!! The basics.... May...
FATE OF KONOR BATTLE DAY - Warhammer 40,000 OP
Saturday 26th August @ 9am
WARHAMMER 40,000 8th Edition event Wage war in a Galaxy in Flames...... The fate of KONOR hangs in the balance....