WH40K Autumn 1k tournament (10/11/19)

Sunday 10th November 2019
The days are getting shorter, and we return with a 1 day, 4 game event building on the success of previous events, built around enjoying games of WH40KEach player is...

The days are getting shorter, and we return with a 1 day, 4 game event building on the success of previous events, built around enjoying games of WH40K

Each player is allowed to use 1000 points army, consisting 1 detachments.

Army Composition & Rules:

8th Edition Warhammer 40.000 Rules (including all FAQs, Erratas, Beta Rules, Indexes, Chapter Approved, Supplements, Forge World rules and White Dwarf. Publications cut off date is Saturday 26th Oct. You may not use rules released after this date.

Each player is allowed to use a 1000 point battle forged army, consisting of a maximum of 1 detachment. (Drukhari may use 2 patrol detachments OR 1 other detachment. If you feel this unfairly penalises your particular army choice please get in contact).

Each player must mark their Warlord, Warlord trait, any Psychic Powers and Prayers of the Dark Gods/Loyalist equivalent on their army list (any additional Relics, Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers and Prayers of the Dark Gods can be generate normally before battle)

We are using the GW rule of three, but this is reduced to one. So you may not include more than one of any datasheet unless it is a Troop choice. This includes silly shenanigans like taking Daemon Princes from different books as was clarified in the Big FAQ. You may take up to two of the same dedicated transport. 

No Lord of War choices

Unlike last time unique characters are allowed. They may not however total more than 200pts of total army cost. This means you may take 2 that are each 100 or less or one big old beat stick that is 200pts or less

Setup Table size: 48”x48”

All terrain rules from the rulebook and chapter approved apply except all ruins on bottom level are LOS blocking. For this you imagine any windows or small gaps are filled in.Please discuss with your opponent at the beginning of the game.

Army list submission by Fri 1st Nov. Please submit your army list to mattdavis101@msn.com (We will review your army list and contact you if any corrections are needed)

Please keep an eye out for updates to the above section with the upcoming release of Big FAQ 2 2019 and whatever this Psychic release thingy is.


  • Registration and Introduction: 8:30 - 9.00
  • Game 1: 9.00 - 11.00
  • Game 2: 11:20 – 13:20
  • Lunch Break 13:20-14:00 (including player voted best themed army)
  • Game 3: 14:00 – 16:00
  • Game 4: 16.20 - 18.20
  • Award Ceremony: 18:40


Missions are designed to be varied enough to promote some balanced list writing while being a bit simpler than before.

Dawn of war deployment will be used in all missions

  • Mission 1: Eternal War: Vital Intelligence (Chapter Approved 2018
  • Mission 2: Maelstrom: Tactical Cascade (Chapter Approved 2018)
  • Mission 3:Eternal War: Beachhead (Chapter Approved 2018)
  • Mission 4:Maelstrom: Strategic Gamble (Chapter Approved 2018)

Scoring: Each player starts a game with 20 Tournament Points. For every point of difference in VP in a game winner adds that number of points, and looser substracts that number of points (e.g. if a game ended 10-2 in VP, then winner adds 8 points, and looser substracts 8 points, final score is 28 Tournament Points –12 Tournament Points)

Every player will receive a gift for participating, with a prizes for:

  • Top player (Player with most Tournament points)
  • 2nd & 3rd best players
  • Best themed army (voted for buy players)
  • (Prizes dependant on player turnout)

Example of well written lists:

Battalion Detachment, Astra Militarum (+5CP)

  • HQ1: Primaris Psyker (38), Force Stave (8) [46]
  • HQ2: Company Commander (30), Laspistol (0), Chainsword (0) [30] <Valhallan>
  • TROOPS1: 10x Infantry Squad (40), Mortar (5) [45] <Valhallan>
  • TROOPS2: 10x Infantry Squad (40), Mortar (5) [45] <Valhallan>
  • TROOPS3: 10x Infantry Squad (40) [40] <Valhallan>
  • ELITE1: 3x Bullgryns (105) 3x Bullgryn Maul (21) 3x Slabshield (0), 3x Frag Bombs (0) [126]
  • ELITE2: Platoon Commander (20), Laspistol (0), Chainsword (0) [20] <Valhallan>
  • FAST ATTACK1: 2x Scout Sentinel (60), 2x Lascannon (40) [100] <Valhallan>
  • FAST ATTACK2: Hellhounds (73), Inferno Cannon (20), Heavy Bolter (8), Storm Bolter (2) [103] <Valhallan>
  • HEAVY SUPPORT1: 2x Leman Russ Battle Tanks (244), 2x Battle Cannon (44), 6x Heavy Bolter (48) [336] <Valhallan>
  • HEAVY SUPPORT2: 3x Heavy Weapon Team (18), 3x Mortar (15) [33] <Valhallan>
  • TRANSPORT1: Chimera (60), 2x Heavy Bolter (16), Two Lasgun Arrays (0) [76] <Valhallan>


Please send in txt or pdf format

**Cancellations made less than 3 weeks prior to the event will not be refunded unless we can resell your ticket**

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