Warhammer 40,00 Doubles Tournament (29/03/2020)

Sunday 29th March @08:30
Spring is in the air, and we dust off the winter cobwebs with for a full day of co-operative mayhem.... “One ticket required per Doubles Team of 2" Each player...

Spring is in the air, and we dust off the winter cobwebs with for a full day of co-operative mayhem....

“One ticket required per Doubles Team of 2"

Each player is allowed to use 1000 points army following these army Composition Restrictions:

8th Edition Warhammer 40.000 Rules (including all FAQs, Erratas, Beta Rules, Indexes, Chapter Approved, Supplements, Forge World rules and White Dwarf. Publications cut off date is Saturday 21st March. You may not use rules released after this date.

Army Building

  • Each player builds a 1000 pt army. The rule of two applies to each player (no more than 2 of the same data sheet apart from troops or dedicated transport)
  • Each player selects a warlord. Each Army may have the normal one free relic/warlord trait
  • Your partner may not include any of the same relics, warlord trait or datasheets that are unique (such as a named character)
  • You may not share remaining points or reinforcement points. (EG you cant have one player with 1100 and the other with 900)
  • Between you and your partner you may not include the same datasheet more than 3 times (apart from troops and dedicated transports).
  • Strategic discipline, Psychic Focus, Tactical Reserves and the command point pool are managed as a team (EG you cant use the same stratagem or Psychic power more than once  per phase). 

Modelling and painting standards - All models must be fully assembled, on their correctly sized bases and base coated. While everyone much prefers to play with and against fully painted models appreciate we might have some people newer to the hobby at this event. One or two conversions and non GW models are allowed but they must be easily recognizable and very similar size to the original. If your not sure and want to check feel free to send me or chip a message.

Army Lists

  • Please write a single list for both players. This must include:
  • Team name
  • Players names
  • All <KEYWORD> allocations and a note to which model is the warlord for each player. 
  • Initial warlord trait, relics, psychic powers and litanies must be added to lists. Additional traits and relics (typical bought with CP) can be decided on the spot before the game. 
  • Please submit this combined list to mattdavis101@msn.com before midnight sat 21st  March. Any team that fails to do this will have their first game score reduced by 5 points. This is to make sure we can start promptly on the day without having to make list changes. 

Inter team interactions

While this is intended as team game we are going to control the interaction between the two armies in a team. The following applies:

  • If all models in both players armies have a faction keyword in common (E.G Imperium) they may nominate a single CHARACTER model to be the armies Grand Commander. This model gains the GRAND COMMANDER keyword. This Grand Commander may be one of the armies warlords. A GRAND COMMANDER has the following two rules added to its datesheet
      • United Command – This models aura abilities, relics, warlord traits, litanies/prayers and psychic powers may be used to effect either armies subject to normal restrictions. 
      • The price of failure – If this model has been removed as a casualty at the end of the battle the opposing team scores an additional D3 points. In addition if this model is still on the battlefield in turn 5 onwards the opponents team may re-roll 1’s to wound this model.     
  • This Grand Commander must be noted in the submitted army list.
  • Transports may be shared across the two armies subject to normal keyword and capacity restrictions. 
  • No other interactions outside of the above are allowed. They are essentially treated as two separate armies. This is to give the players who want to play different combinations a bit more of a chance. 
  • You only gain the 3CP for being battle forged if all models in both armies share a faction keyword.  

Some Examples of the above

  • Deceitful Dave and Nasty Nick are a team. They both want to play their dirty dirty Iron hands. They have to play together because they have no other friends. All of their models have the ADEPTUS ASTARTES keyword so they may nominate a GRAND COMMANDER. They of course pick a captain, make him a chapter master for 2CP and give him some Iron Hands nonsense relic that gives everyone within 48” a 2+ ignore wounds. All models within range from both armies benefit from this. In addition they get the additional 3CP for being fully battle forged. Yuck
  • Rob is playing his Custodes, top lad Charlie is playing his glorious Grey Knights. This is the correct choice. They may nominate a GRAND COMMANDER if they want, but its probably not a good idea unless it’s the Custodes banner guy that effects all IMPERIUM. This will get the 3CP and a moral victory though.
  • Steve the Swarmlord and Denis the Daemon want to play their respective armies together and smash/nom stuff. This is totally fine. They wont get to pick a GRAND COMMANDER or get the 3CP though. 

    No Lord of War choices

    Setup Table size: 72”x48”

    All terrain rules from the rulebook and chapter approved apply except all ruins on bottom level are LOS blocking. For this you imagine any windows or small gaps are filled in.Please discuss with your opponent at the beginning of the game.

    Please keep an eye out for updates to the above section with the upcoming release of Big FAQ 2 2019 and whatever this Psychic release thingy is. 


    • Registration and Introduction: 8:30 - 9.00
    • Game 1: 9.00 - 12.00
    • Lunch Break 12:00-12:40 (including player voted best themed army)
    • Game 2: 12:40-15:40
    • Game 3: 16.00 - 19.00
    • Award Ceremony: 19:20

    Missions: TBC

    Maelstrom missions:

    • Confined Command (CA Pg77)
    • Lockdown (CA19 Pg67)
    • Territorial Command (CA19 Pg76)

    Note the following:

    • Slay the warlord gives up two points
    • You can use faction specific maelstrom cards if both players in the team have that faction. Otherwise use the rulebook ones. 
    • You will be scored as a team. Your score will be the amount of objective points you scored with +6 pts for the winning team. EG team A win the game 20 points to team B's 10. The recorded score will be 26-10. Note this a small bonus for winning, this is intentional to give armies that don't just blast their opponent off the board and play the mission a bit of a helping hand.   

      Every player will receive a gift for participating, with a prizes for:

      • Top team (team with most Tournament points)
      • 2nd & 3rd best teams
      • Best themed army (voted for buy players)

      (Prizes dependant on player turnout)

      Example of well written lists:

      Battalion Detachment, Astra Militarum (+5CP)

      HQ1: Primaris Psyker (38), Force Stave (8) [46]

      HQ2: Company Commander (30), Laspistol (0), Chainsword (0) [30] <Valhallan>

      TROOPS1: 10x Infantry Squad (40), Mortar (5) [45] <Valhallan>

      TROOPS2: 10x Infantry Squad (40), Mortar (5) [45] <Valhallan>

      TROOPS3: 10x Infantry Squad (40) [40] <Valhallan>

      ELITE1: 3x Bullgryns (105) 3x Bullgryn Maul (21) 3x Slabshield (0), 3x Frag Bombs (0) [126]

      ELITE2: Platoon Commander (20), Laspistol (0), Chainsword (0) [20] <Valhallan>

      FAST ATTACK1: 2x Scout Sentinel (60), 2x Lascannon (40) [100] <Valhallan>

      FAST ATTACK2: Hellhounds (73), Inferno Cannon (20), Heavy Bolter (8), Storm Bolter (2) [103] <Valhallan>

      HEAVY SUPPORT1: 2x Leman Russ Battle Tanks (244), 2x Battle Cannon (44), 6x Heavy Bolter (48) [336] <Valhallan>

      HEAVY SUPPORT2: 3x Heavy Weapon Team (18), 3x Mortar (15) [33] <Valhallan>

      TRANSPORT1: Chimera (60), 2x Heavy Bolter (16), Two Lasgun Arrays (0) [76] <Valhallan>


      Please send in txt or pdf format

      **Cancellations made less than 3 weeks prior to the event will not be refunded unless we can resell your ticket**

      Please note that there is NO PARKING at Incom Gaming, we are in the centre of Cheltenham so there is plenty of parking within a 5min walk.

      Incom Gaming is inside a pub, so we offer a fully licensed gaming experience with soft refreshments too!! Lunch is not included, but we do offer a Paparitos meal deal at £8.50, this includes a made to order burrito and any drink of the bar.

      If you have any questions please get in contact. We do not ship out tickets, your purchase would be in the form of an e-Ticket, we will know who you are on the day!

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