IGBB presents - The (Not so) Magnificent 7!

Thursday 9th August 2018 @ 18:30
Welcome the latest IGBB – 7's Tournament. The (Not so) Magnificent 7! This a 3 game tournament of BB7s held at Incom Gaming, in Cheltenham.   Attendees   Event is capped...
Welcome the latest IGBB – 7's Tournament.

The (Not so) Magnificent 7!

This a 3 game tournament of BB7s held at Incom Gaming, in Cheltenham.
Event is capped to 16 players. So buy your ticket now!!

Is it NAF approved? Yes – but you don’t need to be a NAF member to attend.

Team Creation

Coaches have 600k to spend on players, backroom staff and rerolls.  There are a number of rules to follow when creating a team – 

  • Teams must have a minimum of 7 players on the roster and a maximum of 11
  • Coaches may hire no more than 4 specialist positionals on their teams.  Everyone else must be the equivalent of linemen (the 0-12 or 0-16 position).  No more than 
  • Rerolls cost double the normal amount, a Human teams rerolls for instance would cost 100k and not 50k
  • No Star Players are allowed or Legendary side-line staff


The rule changes for BB7s are listed below.  On the night there will be 3 games, each lasting no more than one hour.  The turn around between games will be as quick as possible.  The first round will be random and afterwards it will be done on Swiss.

The (Not so) Magnificent 7!

“I need a hero! I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast . . . . . “

Oh wait . . . . have you seen our heroes? The (not so) Magnificent 7 definitely fit the bill of the more unlikely kind of hero. Still that said, some of them have a few useful skills and so may be the deciding factor in a close game (of course, we didn’t say deciding factor for who . . . . . ).

Boogie Dungbreath
Spikey Norman
Pierrot Rainforest
Dodger Gitface
Urfrik Skullhack
Ziggy Abschuss

Before each round coaches will draw a card from a pack. Most of those cards will be blanks, but 7 of them will contain one of our unlikely heroes. If a coach pulls a hero card, then they must replace a lineman that game with one of the (not so) Magnificent ! There heroes are all ex star players who used to exist in the game but to date have not made it into BB2016.

When the heroes job is done i.e. the game has finished, they return to the pack and await the next time their services are needed.

No hero lasts forever however! They can ignore any ‘Miss Next Game’ injuries and be used again in subsequent rounds. However, any stat damage they receive or Niggles will affect them. The only way for a hero not to be available in the next round is if they die. Any that do kick the bucket stay dead and their place is taken by a blank card in the deck.

BB7 Changes

BB7 is virtually identical to regular BB but for a few important changes, most of these are mostly around the set up and kick off.

  • There are 6 turns per half, not 8
  • Each team can set up no more than 7 players on the pitch at one time
  • Each coach sets their players up behind their own scrimmage line – there are 2 on the board!  Teams must still put 3 on the scrimmage line and a maximum of 1 player per wide zone
  • The ball at kick off can be aimed anywhere on the board other than behind the kicking teams scrimmage line – this includes the no mans zone in the middle.  
  • When kicking roll a D8 and 2D6, choose the lower number of the D6 and scatter the ball that number of squares
There are a lot of certificates of achievement for something or other on offer. This includes –
  • Winner
  • Runner Up
  • Most TDs
  • Most Casualties
  • 7th place at 7s!
  • Stunty Cup
  • Wooden Spoon
This may be subject to change, but we’re aiming for –
Registration from 18:30
Game 1 – 19:00pm
Game 2 – 20:15pm
Game 3 – 21:30pm
Finish – 22:45pm
What you need to bring, boards will be supplied you’ll need to bring teams, dice etc.
Lets play some Blood Bowl!!

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