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Welcome one, welcome all (well, no more than 16 of you) to IGBB – Lucky7s!  This a 3 game tournament of BB7s held at Incom Gaming, in Cheltenham. Attendees For...

Welcome one, welcome all (well, no more than 16 of you) to IGBB – Lucky7s!  This a 3 game tournament of BB7s held at Incom Gaming, in Cheltenham.


For the first time running the tournament, we have capped attendance to 16 players.  This will be done on a first come, first served basis.

Team Creation

Coaches have 600k with which to purchase players for their BB7 team.  Coaches must purchase a minimum of 7 players and can go up to a maximum of 11 players.  All 26 NAF approved teams can be used.

Cheerleaders, Assistant Coaches, Apothecaries, Bloodweiser Babes, Bribes, Halfling Master Chefs, Wizards and 50k special play cards are allowed at the normal price.

Star Players or DZ2 coaching staff are not allowed – they wouldn’t want to be associated with this ‘lesser’ version of the great game.

Rerolls cost double the normal amount. For example, rerolls on a human team cost 100k.

Teams may have no more than 4 specialist players i.e. a player who is not one of the 0-12 or 0-16 options.  In addition, teams may no more than 2 of the same specialist e.g.  Humans may hire 2 Blitzer, 1 Throwr and 1 Catcher for instance, but they cannot hire 4 Blitzers.  Vampire, Ogres and Chaos teams are exempt from this rule.


Tier 1 teams – 0 skills as they are good enough already

            Amazons, Brettonians, Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elfs, Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Norse, Orcs, Skaven,  

           Undead, Wood Elfs

Tier 2 teams – 1 Normal Skill

            Chaos Renegades, Elf Union, High Elfs, Humans, Khorne, Necromantic 

Tier 3 teams – 2 Normal skills

          Chaos, Khemri, Nurgle, Slann, Underworld, Vampires

Tier 4 teams – 1 Double and 2 Normal Skills

            Goblins, Halflings, Ogres

In addition, BB7s is mostly played by rookies looking to grab the attention of the bigger, better teams.  Therefore with the exception of the special rule below, Leader and Pro are not allowed.

Piling on will not use the DZ1 rule.

All teams reset after each match.

Special Rules – Before each game, one player from each team is given a Lucky 7 badge.  This brings them good fortune in the game.  Select a player at random from the team, for that match only, that player gets the Pro and Regeneration skills.  If they already have Regeneration . . . tough!

BB7 rules changes

BB7 games last for 6 turns per half, not the standard 8.  There are 2 ½ minutes per turn which coaches need to stick to.  Timers will be used for any games making slow progress and results will be called if necessary.

7 players are set up for the kick off.  No more than 1 per wide zone and 3 must still be on the scrimmage line.

Kick off – Roll 2 D6 as usual for the distance the ball goes and then select the lower of the 2 balls for the distance.

Kick off table at the bottom of the rules will be used.  These will be available on the night.

Tournament Points

  • Win – 10 points
  • Draw – 5 points
  • Score 3+ TD’s – 1 point
  • Score 4+ TDs – 2 points
  • Inflict 3+ Injuries – 1 point
  • Inflict 4+ Injuries – 2-points

Evening itinerary

This may be subject to change, but we’re aiming for –

Registration from 18:30

  • Game 1 – 19:00pm
  • Game 2 – 20:15pm
  • Game 3 – 21:30pm
  • Finish – 22:45pm

What you need to bring

Boards will be supplied you’ll need to bring teams, dice etc.

There will be certificates for

  • Overall Winner
  • Runner Up
  • 7th Place – 7 at 7 (It’s like the Glowworm Award . . . but better)
  • Stunty Cup
  • Most TDs
  • Most casualties
  • Wooden Spoon
Lets play some Blood Bowl!!

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