All Hallows Eve - BB7's Tournament (28/10/21)

Thursday 28th October @6:30pm
All Hallows Eve - Blood Bowl @ Incom Gaming This a 3 game tournament of BB7s held at Incom Gaming, in Cheltenham. Ticket Price: £8 or £30 inc a special...

All Hallows Eve - Blood Bowl @ Incom Gaming

This a 3 game tournament of BB7s held at Incom Gaming, in Cheltenham.

Ticket Price: £8 or £30 inc a special event only BB7's pitch.

As the days darken, Chip & Steve spend their time considering the nature of the infinite, the passage of the soul through the netherworld and how to make D6’s without any 1’s on them. But the souls of Blood Bowl are much more active, so restless are they that they have broken through from whatever afterlife you’d like to believe in and they have suited up for one more time.

Each player will play a 1/2 of each game with a reanimated great star of yesteryear, this model must be setup at the start of each drive where possible. At the start of game, after turn 1 setup, just before the ball is kicked, you and your opponent roll a D6, whomever is least successful will start the first half with one of the following stars on the pitch. Roll a D8, 1-7 counting left to right to randomly select a player on the pitch. the roll of an 8, your opponent choses the player. Once the player is chosen, it is imbued with the spirit of the dead, roll on the players below, this player replaces your player for the half. At the start of the 2nd half, before the ball is kicked again, the other player will roll a D8 for their ‘star’ spirit.

•Each positional player below will have the basic stats of that profile with added Regeneration. players that already have it, do not get it again!

  • 1 - Zombie - Blood Bowl is filled with a whose of who of infamous hell raisers and drunkards but none of them compare to the Mighty & Hirsute Atonius Colinus whose drinking binges could last longer than a full NAF season. Suprisingly it wasn’t the drink that killed him, though it did his brain cells, but a Deathroller and his risen form is but a pale shadow of his former glorious self. Some zombies want brains, Atonius just wants a pint.
  • 2 - Wood elf catcher - Even after a life of 500yrs and another 55yrs in the ground Chippendell PureLeap’s passion for the great game burns brightly, luckily being dead hasn’t really effected his constitution; as an elf he was already a complete wimp.
  • 3 - Human catcher - Established mercenary Woonish Cornballs was notorious for selling his services to all and sundry, even to two clubs in the same town. This came to a head when the captains of both clubs tore him in half with both sides claiming they had captured the true Woonish essence, I guess we will find out which bit has risen….
  • 4 - Elf catcher - As a member of Eleven Aristocracy Stephenil Surefoot’s arrogance was only eclipsed by his skill on the pitch and his touchdown total at the NAF Championships. Will the modern game be too much for this veteran of the asphalt?
  • 5 - Wight Blitzer - Some people are just born angry, some are born short, some are born bald but none of them did it as well as The Proctologist of Noryhill (we’ll let you figure out where the name came from). This denizen of the underworld just wants to hit stuff, repeatedly, all the time. Look he has issues ok…..
  • 6 - Werewolf - Killed by failing his 157th GFI to score, Alisdad Prong’s heart burns bright with vengeance for all fans, players, coaches & innocent passers-by.
  • 7 - Witch Elf - Roarius Ewerthain was raised on the salty tears of her opponents and occasionally their detached limbs. She grew up in the dugout and was destined for greatness until she wrestled when she should have dodged. Note to all new coaches, don’t try and wrestle a Bloodthirster regardless if they looked at you a bit funny.
  • 8 - Vampire - The pale count himself, foul corruptor of men and a mean grill chef to boot, Count C.G.F.W White was finally bought low when his collection of trophies crushed him beyond the point where even the Regen skill couldn't help.

Coaches: Current numbers are set at 24, NAF approval is pending.

Building your team:

All rules for team construction can be found on pg.91 of Death Zone 2020 edition (DZ) but below is a brief summary.

Coaches have 600k to purchase players for their team. Coaches must purchase a minimum of 7 players and can go up to a maximum of 11 players. All 27 NAF approved teams can be used.

Teams may have no more than 4 specialist players i.e. a player who is not one of the 0-12 or 0-16 options. In addition, teams may take no more than 2 of the same specialist e.g. Humans may hire 2 Blitzer, 1 Thrower and 1 Catcher for instance, but they cannot hire 4 Blitzers. Vampire, Ogres and Chaos teams are exempt from this rule.

You may purchase any of the inducements listed on pg.93 of DZ except mercenary players; they have much better things to be doing than turning out with your bunch of denigrates and half-wits!

Star Players & legendary coaching staff are not allowed – They are all busy playing Exploding Kittens

Rerolls cost double the normal amount. For example, rerolls on an Elf Union team cost 100k.


  • Tier 1 teams – 0! If you need extra skills with this group maybe you should reconsider your life choices.- Amazons, Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elfs, Dwarfs, Imperial Nobility, Norse, Old World Alliance, Orcs, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elfs
  • Tier 2 teams – 1 Normal Skill - Chaos Renegades, Elf Union, High Elfs, Humans, Khorne, Lizardmen, Necromantic, Black Orcs
  • Tier 3 teams – 2 Normal skills - Chaos, Khemri, Nurgle, Slann, Underworld 
  • Tier 4 teams – 1 Double and 2 Normal Skills - Goblins, Vampires, Halflings, Ogres, Snotlings, stunty Lizards, stunty Underworld

There are a few skill rules to be aware of –

Leader is not allowed as a skill choice

The Desperate Measures table will not be used during this tournament

All teams reset after each match.

Players will need to be familiar with the Kick Off, Prayers to Nuffle tables which can be found in DZ pg.93-97


Games are 1 hour in length. Any games not complete at the 1 hour mark will be stopped at what ever point they are found, NO EXCEPTIONS

Registration/arrival - 6/6:30

  • 1st game 6:45
  • 2nd game 8:00
  • 3rd game 9:15

Prizes and covid safe handshakes - 10:30


  • 30pts win
  • 10pts draw
  • 1pt per TD (capped @3)
  • 1pt for a Shutout

In the event of a tie we will first look at TD difference then CAS difference.

Casulties: Crowd surfs, failed dodges and any other self inflicted idiocy will not count towards the casualty count.

Fouls - oh we love a foul we do, so go nuts!

Tickets are paid for at time of booking, no refunds will be issued before event, unless a replacement player can be found.

If you or someone you have been in recent contact with is displaying COVID-19 symptoms, feeling unwell or in a high-risk category, DO NOT come into the store for everyone's safety. Please continue to follow the advised guidance for self-isolating.

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